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Starting on April 27, 2022, the free streaming service IMDb TV will be called Freevee. The ad-supported platform has been growing rapidly in the past few years, and Amazon wants to make sure the platform’s name reflects what the service has to offer.

IMDb TV Turns Into Amazon Freevee

In a press release, Amazon announced that it’s changing the name of IMDb TV to Amazon Freevee on April 27, 2022. According to Ashraf Alkarmi, director of Freevee:

Our new name clearly communicates who we are: An easy-to-navigate streaming service, available to users for free, whenever and wherever they choose to watch some of the greatest Original and licensed content available,

He also explains that customers have been shifting to ad-supported streaming as long as there’s premium content available. Even so, Freevee seeks to deliver the best content with half the commercials served by traditional TV networks.

As Part of the Name Change, Freevee Is Expanding

The name shift isn’t the only change the platform is going through.

After the successful launch of IMDb TV in the UK in September 2021, Freevee is expanding to Germany in 2022. The exact launch date was not mentioned, outside of saying it will happen “later this year.”

Freevee will remain an ad-supported service that’s free to access. However, the main difference is that there’s a lot more content coming to the platform.

The collection of original content will grow by 70 percent throughout 2022, with titles like Bosch: Legacy, a spinoff of the longest-running Prime Video original series, Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis, comedy series Sprung, and many others.

Previously, the service announced it had become the first ad-supported streaming service to get a licensing deal with NBC Universal, securing an exclusive network window for films from the company’s 2020-2021 theatrical slate. That being said, titles like Dolittle, Fast & Furious 9, and Sing 2 are coming to the platform soon enough.

Freevee will announce extra content in the months to come as the company is preparing more collaborations.

The Competition Is Ramping Up

The competition among free streaming services is just as dire as those requiring a subscription. While IMDb is a known brand, not everyone knows what IMDb TV is exactly. Plus, the name doesn’t flow easily as you pronounce each letter. Freevee, on the other hand, has a better flow to it, which will certainly make it stand out against competitors in the users’ minds.

Watching Universal movie on TV

The Roku Channel, Pluto TV, and Tubi are some of the best free video streaming services to watch movies and TV shows, and they’re all ad-supported. All these services have been working on expanding their content, with The Roku Channel adding more free channels and Tubi promising more original content.

On the other hand, Freevee has some more growing to do. While IMDb TV is currently running in the US and UK, with Germany on the horizon, Pluto TV already operates in the US, parts of Europe, Latin America, and Brazil. Tubi is also available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.

Fortunately for the free streaming service, IMDb TV/Freevee’s viewership has tripled over the past year, and the platform is now a massive player in the game.

Likewise, the service is already available across many platforms, and it has been adding new devices to its list to make it easier to access and a stronger competitor.

Freevee Offers IMDb TV a Fresh Start

The name change, the extra content, and the pending expansion are all great plans for Amazon and Freevee. Having access to free content is refreshing in an industry that has increased subscription prices every few months.

With so many streaming platforms on the market, it’s hard to pick just a few. Thankfully, much like IMDb TV/Freevee, there are many other ways to watch movies and shows online for free.

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