These 4 Websites Help You Find Cheap Hotel Bookings

Traveling can provide you with a much-needed respite from your everyday life, or a chance to meet up with friends and family that you haven’t seen in a long time.

Regardless of why you’re traveling, fees can begin to add up. Between flights, activities, and accommodation, there’s a lot that you need to keep in mind when booking your trip.

So, why spend more than you have to? Hotel bookings can end up being extremely expensive, but finding the cheapest accommodation that’ll leave you satisfied has never been easier with these sites.

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First on this list comes HotelsCombined, an online booking aggregator for every element of your trip, be it near or far.

HotelsCombined is easy to work with above all else. All you need to do is input where you want to stay, the dates for your trip, and the number of rooms you need, be it for adults or children. This is great if you’ve managed to find a travel buddy to go with you.

Interestingly, you can choose from a wide range of options in regard to your stay, instead of just the city you’re staying in. If you have one chain of hotels which you prefer, you can input by their name, or you can input specific addresses or landmarks if there’s something specific that you’re trying to visit.

From there, HotelsCombined scours the internet for the best deals on hotels. What’s great here is just how much control you have over what type of results you get back.

If you’re looking for a specific price range, you can set that. You can change how HotelsCombined determines the price as well. You can search for hotels that have free amenities such as free internet or parking, or by location.

If you’re trying to remain near a certain area of the city, or within a certain distance to a nearby landmark or friend’s house, then this is super helpful here.

There are more categories as well, such as themes, hotel features, and more, but the most useful is HotelsCombined’s rating system. Based on hundreds or thousands of reviews from verified guests, these reviews help to give you an accurate idea of just how good or poor your stay might be.

A Screenshot of Trivago's Landing Page

Next up on this list comes Trivago, another online booking aggregator. This means that Trivago scours the internet for the best deals it can find and displays them all neatly for you to consider, giving you more money to spend on travel essentials.

The process behind Trivago is pretty straightforward. You input your location, date range, and the number of rooms that you’re looking for. From there, Trivago takes you to a screen showing you the best deals that it was able to find for you.

This process is snappy and responsive, which makes Trivago feel great if you’re looking for a quick peek into what might be available.

There are some filters available here as well, though nothing particularly expansive. You can search by price, property type, and a couple more. If you’re looking for something at all specific, you may run into some trouble, however.

The most telling feature about this page is the map, however. Other aggregators such as HotelsCombined also feature this map, though for some it’s hidden behind buttons or menus. With Trivago, it’s displayed prominently.

This map lets you see visually where your booking will take you, and if you prefer, you can even choose bookings based on their location on the map. There are also reviews available to help you get an idea about your stay as well, though the number of reviews seems to vary quite a bit between different hotels.

A Screenshot of's Landing Page

So far, this list has featured booking aggregators, but is actually an online travel agent or OTA. This means that instead of searching the internet for the best available prices, it helps you to book travel services directly with suppliers.

This doesn’t mean too much as you use the site. functions much like an aggregator in that you input your desired location, travel dates, and the room size that you need, and the site returns results for you to consider.

The filters that has available are solid, with a wide range of options from price, booking type, ratings, location, and many more. even tells you when your travel dates don’t line up particularly well with availability, and offers you different times to travel that it thinks would help you find better availability or pricing. This is super useful if you’re working on a more flexible plan and looking to save some more money.

The review system for is also pretty extensive. Reviews can only be left by people who actually booked and went through with their trips via, which means that you can be assured that you’re not seeing any reviews that are in some way dishonest.

A Screenshot of Tripadvisor's Landing Page

Finally, we have Tripadvisor. If you’re looking to plan out your entire getaway in one place, then Tripadvisor is a decent candidate to do just that.

While all entries on this list have allowed you to book flights, activities, and more alongside your hotel bookings, Tripadvisor is the one that focuses most on it. This is great if you couldn’t find any free city guides and recommended itineraries.

This is apparent when you first come to use the site, as you’ll find that all Tripadvisor asks for is the location of your trip. Once you select the hotels tab, you’ll see a more familiar interface.

There are a lot of filters that you can look through here, with various deals, amenities, and more being included as well as the standard price and location options. You can search using the map as well if you want, though you’ll have to select this option manually.

The biggest draw with Tripadvisor is the reviews, however. Tripadvisor encourages those who stay to leave reviews, and as such, you’ll find some of the most detailed and personalized reviews to be found on this site.

There are tons of pictures uploaded by visitors that you can browse through to get a real idea of what your stay might look like, and the reviews tend to cover everything about the stay.

Find the Perfect Trip for You

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of different options when it comes to finding the best hotel bookings and deals. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find the perfect trip with just a little bit of searching, and with these websites, it’s easier than ever.

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