Save Cash With $12 Windows 10 and $26 Microsoft Office Genuine Lifetime Licenses

Grab a fresh OS or some new Office software in this stupendous spring sale!

Save Cash With $12 Windows 10 and $26 Microsoft Office Genuine Lifetime Licenses

If you want to keep your computer in top shape, you need your PC up to date. Not only do updates improve the speed and stability of your computer, but they also make sure that apps like Microsoft Office work like they are supposed to.

But keeping a Windows PC updated without a genuine Windows license is a hassle.

Now, you can either buy one straight from Microsoft and spend more than $100, or give Keysbuff a try and save a lot of money.

Let’s see how Keysbuff can save you a lot of cash.

Score Super Affordable Microsoft Office and Windows Licenses From Keysbuff


Keysbuff allows you to save up to 90% on genuine Microsoft Office and Windows 10 keys which otherwise can cost you between $100 and $300. And, unsurprisingly, not everybody can spend that much on software.

Here, take a look at some of the best deals from Keysbuff:

As you can tell, Keysbuff is offering some deep discounts on Windows 10 and Microsoft Office licenses, here.

How to Buy a Microsoft Office and Windows 10 Activation Key From Keysbuff

After selecting the package that you want to buy, the process of getting your license keys is incredibly simple.

  • Navigate to the product page, click Sign Up, and complete the process. Be sure to use a valid email address where you want to receive the license keys.
    product page (1)
  • After signing up, enter the number of keys that you want to buy under the QTY field on the product page.
    discount code (1)
  • In the Promotion Code field, write MAKE25 to sweeten the deal even more with a further discount.
  • Complete the process and Keysbuff will email you the activation keys.

Now, that you received the keys, it’s time to activate your copy of Windows 10.

How to Activate Windows 10 With a License Key

To activate your new version of Windows 10, just follow these simple steps:

active 1-US
  • Navigate to Windows > Settings.
  • Click on Activation.
  • Hit Change product key and enter the key you received from Keysbuff
  • Confirm the process and Windows 10 will be activated.

Now you have a new Windows OS!

Enjoy Your Genuine Copy Of Windows 10

And now that you’ve got yourself a superb deal, you can go ahead and enjoy your fully activated copy of Windows.

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