Microsoft Wants to Teach You How to Take Your Surface Laptop Studio Apart

The company supports the “Right to Repair,” and it’s putting its money where its mouth is with a tutorial video for fixing its laptops.

Ever wanted to take a device apart, but you were scared that you might damage something important? If you want to repair a Surface Laptop Studio, fret not; Microsoft itself has just published a video that teaches you how to do just that.

Microsoft’s Repair Tutorial for the Surface Laptop Studio

As spotted by the eagle-eyed Neowin, Microsoft wants to teach you how to take apart and repair a Surface Laptop Studio. You can see the full video below.

If you do decide to venture into the guts of your laptop, you’re in good hands. Colin Ravenscroft, who ensured the Surface Laptop Studio’s design was repair-friendly, helps guide you through navigating all the internal devices so you don’t damage your computer while you work.

Microsoft’s Support for the Right to Repair

It may be confusing as to why a company is giving out a repair guide for free online. Microsoft could have easily kept all this information a secret, locked the Surface Laptop Studio behind complex mechanisms and tough glues, and charged users a pretty penny to repair any issues that arose.

However, doing so would go against Microsoft’s support for the “Right to Repair.” It’s a proposed right that states that individuals should have the power to repair their own devices if they like. This would involve giving repair guides to those that are interested and ensuring someone can crack open a device with basic tools.

The topic of Right to Repair has its supporters and critics. There are some reasons why Right to Repair shouldn’t become the standard, and there are arguments for it, too. However, companies can take an individual stance by giving their users the power to fix their devices when they break; much like what Microsoft did here.

Supporting the Right to Repair, the Right Way

When a company supports Right to Repair, nothing shows its dedication more to its own stance toward users fixing its products by themselves. With Microsoft’s video, the company has made its stance clear; users should have the knowledge and the power to fix their broken devices, no matter what.

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