Microsoft Is Rebranding the Your Phone App

It’s now called “Phone Link” to better represent the app’s job of acting as a bridge between your phone and your Windows PC.

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If you’re a Windows user with an Android phone, there’s a good chance you’ve played around with the Your Phone app, designed to allow your computer to talk to your mobile device. If you’re a big fan of it, brace yourself; Microsoft is rebranding it with a brand new name.

The New Name for the Your Phone App

Microsoft sounded the fanfare on the Windows Experience Blog, where it reveals the new name of the Your Phone app. You’ll soon know it as “Phone Link,” and not much is changing bar the name.

When Your Phone began its life, it could only let you copy images from your phone and send texts. Now, Microsoft wants the app to evolve into “a bridge between the two devices;” hence the name change.

And yes, this means the mobile side of the app is also getting a name change. Don’t be surprised when the “Your Phone Companion” suddenly becomes “Link to Windows” overnight; it should work very much the same.

Microsoft is marking the moment with a new Windows 11-oriented design for the app, and announcing that it’s making its way to China thanks to a partnership with HONOR. And Microsoft also announced that it will soon put a Phone Link QR code in the Windows 11 setup process in a future update.

This news hints that Microsoft is planning something big with the Phone Link app. We already knew about the QR code when we reported about how Windows 11’s “out of box experience” was about to get better, and at the time, we mused that perhaps it meant big things for the app.

Now with a fresh new name, it’s clear that the company wants to bring Your Phone out of its early roots and make it something truly worthwhile. After all, Samsung owners get the pleasure of running Android apps via Phone Link; what’s to say that Microsoft can’t do it with other phones too?

A New Lease for Your Phone?

With Microsoft giving the Your Phone app a fresh lick of paint, there’s a chance that the company intends to do big things. We’ll have to see if Microsoft keeps up the momentum and makes the app better than it has ever been before.

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