Microsoft Is Enhancing Windows 11’s Focus Assist Tool

Ever wondered why Focus Assist doesn’t come with a built-in timer? Apparently, so does Microsoft.

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If you use Focus Assist a lot on your Windows 11 machine, you’re in for a treat. Microsoft has announced that it has a few tweaks up its sleeve for the productivity tool, and they’re bound to make your work life a lot easier to navigate.

Microsoft’s Changes to Windows 11’s Focus Assist

As reported by TechRadar, Microsoft is planning to add some nice features to Windows 11’s Focus Assist. It was part of a few announcements that targeted remote work and helping people get the most out of working at home.

Focus Assist has been a strong ally for the world-from-home crowd. With a single click, you can silence all unwanted notifications while you get on with your work. Then, once you’re done, you can catch up on all the notifications that passed while you were busy.

It’s a good tool, but it’s not perfect. However, Microsoft is working on making it even better by letting users set timers on Focus Assist. That way, you’ll have an easier time using the tool if you use a time-based productivity method; like the Pomodoro method, for instance.

Microsoft also hinted that it’s planning on adding a “do not disturb” feature to Focus Mode. The company didn’t reveal much more than that, so we’ll just have to wait and see what Microsoft means by this.

Solidifying Windows as a Work-From-Home Powerhouse

It’s no secret that Microsoft wants to attract the work-from-home audience. After all, the company profited heavily during the COVID-19 pandemic as everyone scrambled to purchase office suites, remote work tools, and new hardware.


As such, we’ll likely see Microsoft further develop Windows 11 to better suit a work-from-home world. And we still need to see what the “do not disturb” mode does, especially given how Focus Assist’s primary feature already does a good job keeping distractions away from you.

Microsoft’s Focus on Focus Assist

As the world learns to love working from home, Microsoft wants Windows 11 to be the main powerhouse behind the remote workforce. However, Windows 11 has its own share of problems, which Microsoft needs to fix if it wants to ween employees off of Windows 10.

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