How to Turn Off Silent Mode on iPhone

We’ll show you how to easily turn off Silent Mode on your iPhone using a switch above the Volume buttons.

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Silent mode is helpful as it mutes your iPhone to stop it from ringing in quiet places. By turning on Silent Mode, your iPhone will vibrate instead. However, some iPhone users need to hear their phones all the time. If you’re waiting for an important call or text, Silent Mode isn’t helpful.

You might not be aware of how Silent Mode gets turned on or off. You also may have accidentally turned it on when you want to keep it off. If you want to turn off Silent Mode, this quick tutorial will show you how.

How to Turn Off Silent Mode on iPhone

Turning off Silent Mode is easy. It’s done by a button on the side of your iPhone. You may have noticed this button above your volume buttons. Check out our full guide if you want to learn more about Silent Mode.

When you toggle this button, you can turn the ringer on and off. When the ringer is on, your iPhone will make a noise when it receives a text or a call. When it’s off, it will only vibrate.

To turn off Silent Mode, just toggle the switch. If you see orange, Silent Mode is on.

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To turn it off, just toggle the switch so that you can’t see any orange. Silent Mode will be off and your iPhone will make noises again. If that didn’t help, try one of these solutions for when your iPhone isn’t ringing.

Should You Keep Silent Mode Off?

Having Silent Mode off when you’re waiting for an important call or text is helpful. It’s also great if you don’t always have your phone in your hand and keep it in a backpack or purse. That way, you can always know when someone’s calling you.

However, there are some situations where Silent Mode is necessary, like at the movies or in a meeting. Either way, Silent Mode is easy to adjust, and now that you know how you can turn it on and off whenever you need it.

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