Got a Favorite Microsoft Store App? Microsoft Wants to Know

The tech giant has published a survey to find the diamonds in its own app store.

Using the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is full of gems, but not all of them get the exposure they deserve. Microsoft wants to fix that by allowing people to submit their fave apps on the Microsoft Store, and you can put forward your opinion right now.

Microsoft’s Search for the Best App

Recently, Microsoft published an Office form titled “App Nominations: Your favorite apps in the Microsoft Store on Windows”. The form asks survey takers several questions about their favorite app on the Microsoft Store, including the reasons why they chose that app in particular.

If you want to get involved, follow the link above and get answering. However, Microsoft does list the following restrictions for which apps you can nominate as the best on the Microsoft Store:

– Must be publicly listed in the Microsoft Store on Windows in at least one market by end of March

– Must have 100% functionality on Windows 11, not just on Windows 10

– Must have 3.5 star or higher rating with at least 50 ratings entries

– Must have been published or received significant meaningful updates over the past 12 months

A Potential Push From Microsoft in the Works?

It’s a little curious as to why Microsoft is asking about the best app on its own app store. However, it’s likely that the company is trying to find some hidden gems that it can use in a push to get people to use the app store more often.

As for how Microsoft will use this information, we’ll have to see. However, there’s a good chance that it will put the best apps on the forefront of the Microsoft Store to appeal to people who have yet to give it a try for themselves.

More in Store for the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store has plenty of apps, some of which are well worth your time. If you’ve got a particular favorite in your app arsenal, be sure to let Microsoft know and give it the love it deserves.

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