Clipchamp Has Been Out for a Day, and People Already Hate It

Microsoft only recently announced Clipchamp’s addition as a core Windows 11 feature, and users are already up in arms about the program. As it turns out, the program comes with some nasty pricing plans, and people aren’t keen to shell out money when the video editing scene already has stiff competition.

The Backlash Against Clipchamp on Windows 11

In case you missed it, on Thursday, March 10th, Microsoft announced that two apps were coming to Windows 11, and you had no choice in the matter. Both Microsoft Family and Clipchamp became “inbox apps,” called such because they come with Windows 11 “in the box.”

At the time, we wondered if users would adopt or reject the new toys coming with Windows 11. We didn’t have to wait long, as a mere 24 hours later, users were voicing their disgust over Clipchamp, the video editing program.

In a Reddit thread on /r/Windows11, titled “Does anyone else think Clipchamp is garbage?” Windows 11 users came out in force to air their grievances over the new app. The original poster kicks things off by complaining that it’s both web-based and has a subscription service.

Users chimed in with their own, negative opinions about Clipchamp, with user /u/misterff1 giving this response:

What bugs me the most is the 480p export option on the free tier and then asking 10 bucks a month for 720p exports and barely any other functionality.


Add to that the fact that 480p is pretty much useless anyway and 720p is below standard too and there is just no way anyone can look at this and think “huh, this is actually a useful addition to Windows”.


I would only be interested in this app if the free tier had AT LEAST 720p export and that the next pricing tier would be 5 bucks for 1080p export and more added functionality.

The negativity isn’t just contained to a sole Reddit thread, either. Tech publications around the world are all taking their turns lambasting Microsoft’s move and pointing out its issues.


Mark Hachman took a stab in a PCWorld article titled “Bypassing outrageous limits in Windows 11’s new video editing app isn’t cheap.” In it, he points out that paying $19 a month to export at 1080p quality is a bad pricing plan, and asks Microsoft to “figure it out” given that this is now the second video editor the company has released for Windows.

Jez Corden gets a little spicier in their own take on Windows Central, calling the app “underbaked,” “overpriced,” and an act of Microsoft greed. Corden shares everyone’s sentiment that the pricing is too steep, and suggests that Microsoft instead bundle Clipchamp into Office 365.

Microsoft’s Major Blow to User Trust

As we stated in the news article announcing the change, Microsoft has to be careful with what it forces onto people with Windows 11. Long-time Windows users are no stranger to ripping out Microsoft’s offerings and replacing them with third-party alternatives that do the job better, so the company can’t afford to add duds to the inbox app list.

Unfortunately, Microsoft did just that, and the damage is evident. Users are already redirecting users to third-party apps, such as the powerful and free DaVinci Resolve 17 suite. As such, if Microsoft wants people to use both Clipchamp and any future inbox apps, it needs to fix its issues—and fast.

Windows 11’s Inbox Apps Have Their Wings Clipped

Things are off to a rough start with Clipchamp after only a day of release, and there’s no sign of change soon. Let’s hope Microsoft improves its inbox app ecosystem before users learn to strip them out by default.

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