Best Overall Baby Bathtub

Boon Naked

Boon Naked

Boon Naked

Age Range: Birth to 18 mths or 25 lbs | Dimensions: 18″W x 7.5″H x 25.5″L



Long usage span


No padding on bottom


The Boon Naked is a multi-stage tub that collapses to store nearly flat. This makes it ideal for those living in tight spaces, or you need to take their infant tub with them. We especially appreciate that the legs snap into place and can only fold down with the press of a button, making accidental closure nearly impossible. The asymmetrical shape of the basin can accommodate babies from birth up until 18 months. A shallow incline on one side offers suitable support for newborns, while the other end of the tub is more upright, offering more subtle support for babies with better head control. A raised crotch support in the center of the tub provides extra stability for babies of all ages. The sidewalls are made of a soft rubbery material, which we appreciate for the extra cushion and grip. A drain plug in the bottom of the basin allows you to empty the remaining water with ease.

We love the Naked tub; however, we feel there could be a few improvements. Some parents complain that there is no grippy material on the bottom of the tub, making it easier for your baby to slide around during bathtime. It is also one of the most expensive tubs in the review, and we don’t think that many parents will feel that it is worth the cost. However, if it fits within your budget, the Boon Naked is a high-quality tub we recommend for small spaces and traveling families.

Runner-Up Best Bathtub

Primo EuroBath

Primo EuroBath

Primo EuroBath

Age Range: Birth to 24 mths | Dimensions: 21″W x 10″H x 37″L


Ergonomic support

Durable and sturdy

Large footprint/bulky

May be slippery

The PRIMO EuroBath is an extra-large, sturdy tub perfect for those who want a single product to take baby from infancy through the first two years. With multiple positions for infants, babies, and even toddlers, it is perfect for babies to grow into or enjoy extra space to splash around. One end of the tub has a gently reclining position with support between the legs to keep infants stable. The other side allows older babies to sit more upright. PRIMO states that EuroBath is lead, phthalate, and BPA-free.

Unfortunately, this tub is large and bulky and is inconvenient to stow after bath time is over. There is a notch on one end that allows it to hang, but that isn’t practical for most families. Also, due to the lack of anti-slip material in the tub’s inside, wiggly tiny infants may have trouble staying in place despite the contoured shape. The PRIMO is devoid of any cushioning, making it less than cozy for sensitive booties. However, if your home has room for this spacious tub, and you want a durable bath made for the long haul, then the PRIMO fits the bill.

Best Bathtub Bargain

Angelcare Bath Support

Angelcare Bath Support

Angelcare Bath Support

Age Range: Birth to 6 mths or 20 lbs | Dimensions: 13.5″W x 21.5″L x 9″H

Secure cradle



No basin

Short useage span

The Angelcare Bath Support is a newborn bathing device with a rubbery mesh back that flexes to cradle small infants during bath time. The tub’s shape is perfect for adding an extra sense of security and preventing your baby from sliding around in a tub that is too large for them. The foot of the support is lined with a grippy rubber material that keeps the base stable. The entire product is compact, lightweight, and easy to lift and store. Although it has a shorter lifespan than some other tubs, the low cost makes it a good purchase in our book. Many parents also love that the mesh backing keeps your baby up above any used bathwater.

Without a basin to hold bathwater, the Angelcare Bath Support will need to be placed in a larger bathtub or sink. However, it is large enough that it will not fit in most kitchen sinks. This limiting factor makes it useful only in specific situations. Additionally, the perforated back allows airflow all around your baby, so you must take extra steps to ensure your child stays warm. Overall, we like using the Angelcare Bath Support and think it is one of the best ways to add a measure of security to your newborn bathing routine.



Best for Travel

Puj Tub

Puj Tub

Puj Tub

Age Range: Birth to 6 mths or 17 lbs | Dimensions: 25.2″W x 0.8″H x 26.4″L

Well built

Stores flat


Doesn’t fit all sinks

Quickly outgrow

Magnets come undone

The Puj Tub is a soft foam tub with an innovative design that folds to fit in the bathroom sink. Not only is the durable material comfortable for babies, but it is also BPA and PVC-free, and the smooth coating makes it mildew and mold resistant. The unique folding design and magnets allow it to fit almost any sink and lay flat for storage. Puj also sells Puj Nubs (peel and stick hooks) to hang your tub. The compact nature of the bath makes it a perfect space-saver for smaller bathrooms with limited storage. We like that it offers a safe area to bathe your baby in a supportive manner, and this tub makes bathing your infant easier.

One of the significant drawbacks is that it won’t fit every sink. The manufacturer gives sink dimensions of 12-15″ for length and width and 6.5-9″ for depth, so measure your sink before purchasing to avoid fit issues or purchase from a retailer with a forgiving return policy. This tub is only large enough for infants, so it isn’t a perfect long-term solution. With a max-age of 6 months or up to 17 lbs, you’ll need an additional plan once your baby reaches this milestone. Lastly, there are reports that the magnets that hold it folded together can come undone unexpectedly. Despite these hiccups, we like how easy the Puj is to use and how comfortable it is for babies. It is an excellent choice for small bathrooms or those with limited storage.

Best for Adorable and Cozy

Blooming Baby Bath

Blooming Baby Bath

Blooming Baby Bath

Age Range: Birth to 6 mths | Dimensions: 32″ tip to tip


Space saver

Washer/Dryer friendly

Possible microbe growth

Short-term use

The Blooming Baby Bath is a new spin on your traditional baby bath. This colorful and cushioned flower offers a cozy seat for your baby while bathing in the kitchen or bathroom sink. The petals fold in various positions to cradle little ones in softness in a wide variety of sinks. The soft terry cloth material helps keep your baby warm, and the textured surface prevents slipping. This unique design has a loop hanger for easy drying and storage. It is washer and dryer friendly, making it a breeze to keep clean and hygienic.

The Blooming Bath could potentially accrue microbial issues from a contaminated kitchen sink or mildew from an improperly cared for flower. Therefore, it is essential to disinfect your sink before every use and adequately wring and dry the petals between uses. If you live in a humid climate, it may be best to toss the entire cushion in the dryer to eliminate moisture that could lead to the build-up of bacteria. This baby bathtub is only suitable for infants up to 6 months (approximately), so you may need to look for another bath if they aren’t ready to sit unassisted in your home’s tub. But, if you are looking for a comfortable and compact tub for your infant that is also adorable, it is an excellent choice.

Not Recommended: Counter Safety Concerns

Munchkin Clean

Munchkin Clean

Munchkin Clean

Age Range: Birth to 6 mths | Dimensions: 9.8″W x 5.3″H x 14.2″L

Soft cradle material

Dirty water drain

Rubber grip

Although we like the BPA-and phthalate-free soft material that cradles little ones in a supported incline position on the Munchkin Clean, there are similar and better tubs without a countertop safety concern. According to the Munchkin website, this product works in a tub or on the countertop near the kitchen sink, and we strongly believe a countertop location creates serious safety issues as the tub or baby could fall from counter height, and placing your baby on the counter in or out of a bathtub is dangerous. It is too easy to accidentally knock the tub or your baby off the counter, resulting in disastrous results. We would prefer the bath if Munchkin did not encourage countertop use. The current version is one we don’t recommend because of the safety concerns associated with the preferred and recommended usage outlined by the manufacturer.

Important It is extremely vital for your child’s safety to never leave them unattended in the bath due to potential drowning risk, which can occur even in the shallowest of water. It is also advised to always keep your hands on your baby.

Each product in our review was purchased and hands-on tested before being scored and ranked

Each product in our review was purchased and hands-on tested before being scored and ranked

Why You Should Trust Us

Bathtub selection and testing took some serious and thoughtful consideration because of the related safety concerns surrounding babies and water. Leading our team is founder and board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Juliet Spurrier, mother of two. Dr. Spurrier uses her education, background, and experience as a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to select products with safety in mind. Other contributing team members include Senior Review Editor and BabyGearLab review analyst, Wendy Schmitz. Wendy is a mother of two and works closely with testers with all types of baby gear, from bottles to strollers and everything in between. Wendy has worked at BabyGearLab since 2014 and has an education in the scientific method and testing processes. Senior Review Editor, Molly Bradac brings her unique insight and knowledge to this review, as she holds over 14 years as a professional Nanny and Newborn Care Specialist, bathing more babies than most parents will in their lifetime. And, our in-house test team is led by Abriah Wofford. Abriah has been on the review team since 2015, holds experience as a childcare provider, and she’s the oldest of a big family (fun fact: she’s one of seven siblings!).

We purchased and tested each product in this roundup for side-by-side comparisons to determine which option is the best for each situation and lifestyle. We used the baths with real babies in real life, as well as in our in-house lab.

Analysis and Test Results

Bath time can be a wonderful part of your baby’s routine, and we want you to select a product that best suits you and your little one’s needs. To rank our favorites, we used each product and evaluated the competition with key factors in mind, such as tub stability, baby comfort, ease of use, and portability. Also influencing our overall ranking is user feedback.


The price range of bathtubs is surprisingly wide, and our review includes an option for any budget. The PRIMO EuroBath is an award-winning tub with a great design, a noticeable quality that feels indestructible, and its price tag is wallet-friendly. If it’s still too expensive, consider the Angelcare Bath Support, which is cozy and gets the job done. While the First Years 4-in-1 did not win an award, it is an inexpensive option that will likely work longer than a few months thanks to its 4-in-1 design, as long as you don’t plan to use it for travel, your bathroom real estate is not limited.

The PRIMO EuroBath is extra-large, and if you have the bathroom space to spare, it is easy to use and clean

The PRIMO EuroBath is extra-large, and if you have the bathroom space to spare, it is easy to use and clean


All contenders in our review share the common goal of safely cleaning your sweet baby, but each bathtub style varies. Therefore, we evaluated each tub’s design, particularly assessing features of stability, which we consider to include a non-skid base, level of recline, a tub’s contour and shape, and if non-slip material is present on the tub’s inside.

Among the competition, the PRIMO EuroBath and Angelcare Bath Support stand out with high scores in this metric. We did dock the PRIMO a little due to its smooth plastic interior that is slick for wiggly babies. But, given its significantly contoured body, recline, and design features that support babies and toddlers, it still scored high as it’s nearly indestructible and incredibly stable, possibly outlasting multiple children. The Angelcare incorporates multiple qualities of stability that we appreciate, including non-slip rubber coating around the tub’s base, a mesh portion that cradles your baby with non-slip material, and a recline that is gentle for newborns, which helps keep most babies from sliding around.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Munchkin Clean scoring low as the manufacturer’s website mentions it is acceptable to use it on the countertop. We’re anxious about this location as we believe it increases the potential for safety concerns, mainly falls, leaving us not to recommend this product to a friend or use it ourselves. Also, the Summer Infant Comfort Height has a detachable base that can raise the bath center, and the tub and basin snugly connect together with locking tabs. Use of the base is optional, but we know this feature may be appealing to parents, especially for those who feel back strain from leaning over while bathing baby or those with deep bathtubs. Although we did not experience any issues, it is logical to believe that extra height may be more tippy.

The Fisher Price 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat is a convertible tub, meaning it adapts as your baby grows, utilizing the sling to sitting support insert

The Fisher Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat is a convertible tub, meaning it adapts as your baby grows, utilizing the sling to sitting support insert

Baby Comfort

For this metric, we took a look at the amount of padding, the contour style, the tub’s material, and its ability to keep your baby warm. If you seek luxury, the Blooming Baby Bath is one to consider, thanks to its plush material, which is comfortable and welcoming for babies to sit and enjoy bath time.

A few contenders that did not rank as high in this metric include the Munchkin Sit and Soak and Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath, mainly due to lack of contour and support. The Munchkin Sit and Soak’s design is more upright, which works for slightly older babies, but we think infants need a gentler incline. The Mommy’s Helper has a few raw edges that could be uncomfortable for children’s delicate skin, and it is also more suitable for older babies than infants.

Ease of Use

This metric is all about usability for parents and whether a tub is easy to clean and maintain, fill and drain, plus set up and disassemble. A few tubs that rank near the top include the Boon Naked, Munchkin Sit and Soak, and the PRIMO EuroBath. These options are quick and easy to set up, fill and drain, plus they’re manageable to clean.

Among the competition, the Blooming Baby Bath is more involved and requires ongoing effort to maintain its cleanliness. To avoid mold growth, we think it is best to toss this product into the washer to rinse and spin, and even the dryer. Also, with a sink insert, it is recommended that the bathroom or kitchen sink where you’ll bathe your little one is scrubbed and clean before your baby’s bathtime; so, keep in mind, there’s some upfront prep work with this tub style.

Another product in our lineup that we experienced trouble using is the Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath. It was difficult and time-consuming to inflate (we even used a bike pump to speed up the process), and it did not remain inflated after time due to slow leaks. Given its prep time and low quality, this product earned a low score, and we think there are other products in our lineup that are more enjoyable to use.

The Blooming Baby Bath is designed for bathing your baby in a sink and could be a travel companion if you have laundry access and are willing to manage its cleaning care

The Blooming Baby Bath is designed for bathing your baby in a sink and could be a travel companion if you have laundry access and are willing to manage its cleaning care


It may be essential to have a travel-friendly bathtub for baths away from home if you’re the traveling type. We consider the Puj Tub to be one of the best to hit the road with you and your little one. Its unique folding design is space-saving, and it folds to fit most standard bathroom sinks, making it qualify as a potential traveling companion.

The Blooming Baby Bath may also work as a travel companion. The material is easy to fold and fit into luggage; however, we think this option is best under certain circumstances. Since it requires drying time before hitting your suitcase, we believe it best for stays with laundry access where you can send it through the rinse and spin cycle before the dryer or allow it to air dry (whatever you prefer). But, if your vacation is hotel-based, we think this option may be more of a hassle than helpful.

Keep in mind, stand-alone plastic tubs will likely not be travel-friendly, and an example includes the PRIMO EuroBath. This tub is extra-large and not suitable for life-on-the-go. It is best if you have bathroom real estate to spare, where it can stay without interfering with the traffic of daily life until bathtime rolls around.

Before purchasing a product, we suggest determining which tub style will work best for your lifestyle and needs

Before purchasing a product, we suggest determining which tub style will work best for your lifestyle and needs


A great baby bathtub can take away the stress of bath time and create an enjoyable moment for you and your baby. Creating a safe atmosphere is key in making a great tub. The right product can be a valuable piece of baby gear that we encourage parents to consider. With practice, bathing your baby can be a bonding and relaxing experience, but not if your tub is subpar. Choosing the right bathtub for your needs, mastering the basics, and following straightforward and essential safety measures means you’ll be a baby-bathing pro before you know it.