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How to install .ipa files without iTunes (Directly to iPhone)

How to install .ipa files without iTunes (Directly to iPhone)

Tired of installing apps from your PC?
So how to install .ipa files that you already downloaded from PPC warez directly on your iPhone without the needs of a PC running iTunes? so you can install it anywhere!

**Sorry for my English**
Please do tell me if I made a mistake or you have a suggestion that will improve this method

Here’s how :

I. Intro
Basically, the steps are very easy, and once you got a hang of it, it should be done in just a matter of minutes to install an application file.

This will only work only on jailbroken iPhone. (Tested with iPhone 3G running fw. 3.1.2)
You should have Cydia installed and also download AppSync for your firmware. (currently, there are 2 version the 3.0 and 3.1)
+ Guide on this please refer to this link
FYI: blackra1n is now RC3 with build in unlocking

Now This will only need to be done once.
1. Install Installous on your iPhone.
* Go to Cydia, search for Installous then install it.

2. Install iFile (file browser for your iPhone)
* Go to Cydia, search for iFile then install it.

3. Install “Safari Download Plug-in”
* Go to Cydia, search for “Safari Download Plug-in” then install it.
This will enable you to download zip/tar/mp3/etc.. using mobile Safari browser

Okay, that’s all…

II. How To
1. First, find the link of the .ipa you want to download.
doesn’t matter if it’s in a rar/tar/zip/.ipa (haven’t tried split archives)

2. For this case im giving you an example of 3 download link (zipped, rar ed, and plain .ipa)
http://depthart.org/shazam.rar (cannot be a passworded .rar)
http://depthart.org/shazam.zip (cannot be a passworded .zip)

3. Open this link in your safari.
you will be asked if you want to download the file.
Download it and close safari after finish downloading.

Downloaded files are saved in:ar/mobile/Library/Downloads

4. (*Skip this step if you are downloading plain .ipa files, go straight to 5)
if you download .zip/.rar you will need to extract it first.

a. Open iFile

b. Navigate to var/mobile/Library/Downloads

c. Search for the zipped/rared files, click on the file.
Now choose only the .ipa file and click on the bottom right button to extract

Now you will have the .ipa on the var/mobile/Library/Downloads

5. Open “installers”
** No need to wait for the app to load the homepage. just press X to stop loading and go straight to the “Downloads” tab in the bottom.

6. You will see all the .ipa you have on the folder var/mobile/Library/Downloads


Just click the file, select “install” and it’ll automatically be installed for you!



** Notes :
1. Setting in installers
– Basically, u don’t need to change anything here, but just make sure that “iTunes sync” is also included if you want to backup your app with iTunes later.
– Turn “Delete after install” off if you don’t want the original .ipa files to be deleted
– “Install Method” just use “clean”

2. Now here’s why im gonna suggest that Ppcwarez should put a .ipa service just like what you guys did with .cab ^.^ (i use PPC before my girlfriend sold my old HTC and bought me a new iPhone 3G without my knowledge)

3. For online zip/tar/rar extracting, a site such as wobzip.org / zamzar.com is your best friend.

Hope this help you guys in any way.
This is my post, I write it.. so please do comment or suggest something.
I would really appreciate a feedback :D (even for my bad English :D)


Now using install0us 2.5.1
Go to Setting
Set home url: http://iapps.depthart.org
Auto Delete: off

Now, Click the Browse tab
Go to the Download Area
Find your App
Download only [.ipa] / [.zip]

if it’s an IPA, just click the download tab, wait until it finished downloading and click to install
if it’s a zip, first u need to extract the IPA within the zip files, u can use file to do this (var/mobile/Downloads)

changelog :
– added some screenshots (did you know by pressing “home button” + “sleep/wake” briefly you will take a screenshot of your device even in running application :D )

– Update: a passworded archive cannot be extracted by file..

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