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How to Download and Install Android ADB and Fastboot tool on Mac

How to Download and Install Android ADB and Fastboot tool on Mac

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With enhancement in Android Technology, the demand of modding and tweaking smartphone ROMs and other customizations has been increased. The customization of Android devices includes rooting their phone, trying different firmware, tweaking Kernel or installing a custom ROM. These customizations are only possible by unlocking their bootloader and installing a custom recovery. For such kind of crucial tasks, the Android ADB and Fastboot are introduced.

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Understanding the concept of ADB and Fastboot:

ADB and Fastboot are the two important tools that allow anyone to send terminal commands to Android devices from PC with the help of USB. Both the tools are crucial and serve different functionalities but they can be installed at the same time more easily. Before moving towards installation lets know what they are and how they function.

  • Android Debug Bridge (ADB):

This awesome tool makes it easy to send a broad array of terminal commands that includes basic Linux shell commands along with some specialty developer commands. To get these commands on your android device you must have debugging enabled on the device. The tool works in both case as if your device is turned on and booted and even when you are in recovery mode. The ADB shell is used to send terminal commands and also acts as conjunction with modifying or rooting your smartphone.

  • Fastboot:

Fastboot tools become necessary when it is required for you to modify your android device’s firmware. This tool enables your device to send commands to the bootloader that simply means that you can modify/flash things like custom recoveries and other entities. Yes, you cannot flash whole ROMs with the help of fastboot but then also it is crucial for so many things that ADB simply can’t do. Fastboot is not available and enabled for all Android device, so you must check your specific device.

However, installing Fastboot and ADB drivers on Mac OS X is not an easy task. So here we are with the simplest method to install Android ADB and Fastboot drivers on your Mac OS X so that you can have full control over your android device’s firmware directly from Mac OS X device.

Steps to Install Android ADB & Fastboot Drivers on Mac OS X:

Step 1: Downloading and Extracting ADB Scripts for Mac OS

  • First, you need to download the necessary ADB installation Scripts for Mac OS X.
  • Once you downloaded the Zip file then extract the file to a folder using Archive manager.

Downloading and Extracting ADB Scripts for Mac OS

Step 2: Installing ADB by Opening Terminal

  • Now open the Launchpad and launch the Terminal on your Mac OS. You can also launch the terminal from the utility folder just by pressing the key combinations (Shift+Command+U).
  • Once you have opened the Terminal from launchpad you have to switch to the Finder app.
  • Now, look at the extracted directory for the file labeled as “ADB-Install-Mac.sh”.
  • Once you locate that file, you can simply drag and drop that file from Finder & app to the Terminal window. You can see this from the image below.


  • Now file name will appear inside the Terminal window. Just hit the “Enter and Return” key.
  • Once you will hit enter key you will be asked for your Account Password as shown in below image.

Enter and Return

  • Simply type your Account Password of your Mac OS and hit the Enter Key.
  • You are done!! It will start executing scripts and install the ADB & USB Fastboot binaries along with the drivers, Once the installation will be finished you will get a wish from it as “Nice Day”. Voila!! You have successfully installed ADB and Fastboot on your Mac OS. Now you can run and use ADB and Fastboot on your Mac OS.

This is the best and easiest method to install ADB and Fastboot on Mac OS X. In case you have any doubt or problem then you can ask in the comments section.

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