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How to convert your iPhone .app’s to .ipa’s

How to convert your iPhone .app’s to .ipa’s


How to convert your iPhone .app’s to .ipa’s:

Some iPhone / iTouch Apps are free, we all know that, but sadly not all iTunes AppStores display the same apps. For example, you know the story of the Skype app. US users could enjoy the app, but Canadians, for example, couldn’t. Simply Apple decides that some apps are only available for in the US app store.

Here are two easy methods to do this:


As you might know, this app created a lot of buzz over the www and of course a lot of controversies. Using this app you strip down the DRM of the apps, which means u crack them and you can share them with the world. But you can also you it on free apps. Get the app from the iTunes app store, install it on your iPhone or iTouch and then crack it. In this case, if it’s a free app, you don’t actually crack it, but you will be able to retrieve the .ipa file and share it with others. Get Crackulous from Cydia.

Manually (easiest)

This is as easy as it gets, but it has more steps and it requires some manual labor from you. First, you need to SSH into your iPhone or iTouch and download the .app folder. Copy the .app folder into a folder called Payload. Once you get the .app folder into the Payload folder, just compress it with .zip extension using any compression software. Once compressed, just change the extension from XXX.zip to XXX.ipa. That’s it.

NOTE: Just to make this clear. Not all apps will work in an IPA state since apps in IPA will be sandboxed and have limited access.For example, I Bluetooth needs access to the chip or Cydia needs access to the whole filesystem.And most apps that do things that affect the whole system or use things from places other than their folder.

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